Castle in the Sky - DJ Satomi03:15

Castle in the Sky - DJ Satomi

The Castle in The Sky is a Song Sunged by Dj SatomiIt is a European Song.

Used in The SeriesEdit

It Has Not Been Used in Any Episode But was Used in The Magic and Dragons Series.It was Also Used in His DS Airship Fortress Former American Record.

DS Airship Fortress.Edit

The Times are Listed Below

  • 2.00.531
  • 2.00.383

Magic and Dragons SeriesEdit

It was Used in 2 When The Heroes were making it to the Castle

DS Waluigi PinballEdit

It Could Been Used Later on


It was Heard in The Story Behind The P.O.R.T.A.L when Gumball's Phone Rang. It could be His Ringtone.


  • Some might Think this is a Japanese Song

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