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Future GPD is a series released October 2014. It takes place 2000 Years From Now. The Intro is a Parody of Spiderman Unlimited (But Different Features)


Leopold Slikk, Green ProDuctions, Felix the Cat, and Others were invite to a Party, and Suddenly got sucked inside the Future. They saw the 9 Villans who tooked over the World at 4014


Character Descrioption Powers
Felix the Cat 2000

Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat
Upgraded to Cyborg from 2000 years from now

Robot Tazer


GPD 2000

GPD 2000 Note there is a jetpack on the back

Green ProDuctions
The General




Leopold 2000

AGK in Future

The Keyboard Smasher that was Introduced 2007  Techno Keyboards
Imgres (6)

Peter 2000 years from now

Peter Griffin
The Fat Adult who likes drinking Barf
Imgres (7)

Mario from 2000 Years from Now (Metal Mario)

Metal Mario
The Gray Version of Mario

Throw a Tire

Chris Griffin

The 14 year old at the Griffins. Laugh
Stewie Griffin The Evil Baby of the griffins His Weapons
Brian Griffin a Dog

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson 2006
The main character of The Simpsons
Bart Simpson
Bob Unit 1
Bob Unit 2
Bob Unit 3
Bob Unit 4
Bob Unit 5
Thomas Barf
Victor Kevin
Milhouse Van Houten Whine



  • This is a Parody of "Angry German Kid in the Fututre" , Back to the Future, and Futurama
  • The series was Planned to be made October
  • Diesel 10 Hasn't Changed
  • Originally, Krusty The Clown was supposed to Appear, but was Scrapped

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