The 5 Bob units are Quints


There are colorful Tubbies And Quints

One is the Oldest, One is Wise, One Has sharp Fang, One has Stitches and The Last one is Fat.They are One Of the Members at The Bachelors Club



  • Their Promos was that Their Original Names Were
    • Bob Unit 5-George
    • Bob Unit 3-Bob
    • Bob Unit 2-Harild
    • Bob Unit 1 And 4 Pick and Lick
  • Then That was Changed at December To Bobby,Bobbi,Bobbe,Bobbie, and Bobbey, But Since No One Can't Organize Them, They were Called Bob Units, and Their Current Design is at JayJay's Photo's
  • Bob Unit 1 is Mascot
  • Igor The Mii Stole The Bob Units and Claimed that it was His and even though, It still has the Same Characters and Just add Himself.

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