The Whole Family Of The Bob Unit's History


Bob Unit 1Edit

Bob Unit 1 is The Oldest and the Green Tubby of The 5. He is the 2nd Smartest of the Units and the 2nd Fattest. HE had a Stitch on him Since 9 from an Accident. He is Known as The Fastest Drinker. HE is The 2nd Tallest. He is also The Mascot of the Green ProDuctions.

Bob Unit 2Edit

Bob Unit 2 is the 2nd and the Red Tubby of the Units. He is Temporarly Smart and is the Skinniest of all. HE wears Glasses and is the Slowest Drinker. He is also The average Height of the Units.

Bob Unit 3Edit

Bob Unit 3 is the 3rd and The Blue Tubby of The Units. He is The 4th Smartest and Is the Athetical of the Units. He Was Born With a Chewing Habbit Like The Green ProDuctions was. He is often, The Shortest on of the Units and The 3rd Oldest.

Bob Unit 4Edit

Bob Unit 4 Is The 4th and The Yellow Tubby of the Units. He had an Accident like #1 Did. He is The 2nd Shortest and the Roundest Tubby. He is also a Slow Eater.

Bob Unit 5Edit

Bob Unit 5 is the Youngest and the Purple Tubby of the Units. HE acts retarded sometimes. He is the Fattest Tubby of the Whole Family, because he Eats Alot. He isn't Athetical and is a Good Hunter.


  • CyBarf- The Dog of the Family
  • Steven- The Dad of the Family
  • Gumplin- The Mum of the Family
  • Lou- The Grandpa
  • T- Bone- The Cousin of the Bob Units. HE is also a Moose
  • Green ProDuctions- Creator and Friends. HE is Like
    • Bob Unit 1- Color
    • Bob Unit 2- Knowledge
    • Bob Unit 3- Chewing Habit 
    • Bob Unit 4- Slow Eater in Real Life
    • Bob Unit 5- Eats alot
  • Thadeus Mcduck- Great Grandfather
  • Thor Mcduck- Great Grandfather and Brother with Thadeus
  • Abraham Lincoln- Unknown Reason
  • Barbara Mcduck- Great Grandmother
  • Chip- Great Great Grandfather
  • Opalina Chip- Great Great Grandmother
  • Shaggy Chip- Great Great Cousin, Died after Fire Incident
  • David Chip 

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