About They are Grounders (thats what PB&JottersisNumber1 Calls Them)

The Troops

Image Name Rank Power
Imgres (4)

How Calebcomedian is

CalebComedian General of The Army Ground People
Imgres (5)

How Louielouie95 Looks Like

LouieLouie95 General Make characters and Destroy
caroline0204 (FSComedian) Lieutenant General Use Ponies
awildmew101 Major General Equip Soliders
mrlegofan10 Soliders Autobots
57KirbyTV Soliders Ground Users
Coulden Pettit Soliders Scare Users
Kristin Konkle Soliders Rifle


  • So Far, There is alot of Users and Some Characters
  • All of them are Comedy World

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